Over watch Application- Goober

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Over watch Application- Goober

Post by Goober on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:28 pm

Steam Name: Goober

Steam ID: (Steam is just being weird. I couldn't get a hold of it)
Character Name: Joseph Steel

How many days have you played on the server? Two Months and counting

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: Minister, CCA official, Citizen, Stalker

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: I have been through multiple of high rated servers, and I know my roles on what to do and how to react as a COTA soldier

IC: How you became OverWatch: It was not long after when a Draft was occurred for the CCA. For the replenishment of COTA soldiers were needed in desperate needs. Being the lucky chosen individual and citizen, he was then proceeded to his new suit and armor to where he must complete his steps of the COTA mind. It would seem that Joseph has had the mind of the CCA for quite some time now. Civilization was perfect, criminals and malignant's that were destroying the civilization would have been amputated and exterminated from the City, he could've never had been more blessed than before ever. In fact, he had shown no fear to his new commanders. For he thinks to himself this is a great stepping stone to his life. The mind has been washed. Hardly anything would have affected him for he embraces and would aspire the laws of a COTA and CCA official. The Eerie blue eyes, along with the bagged blue camouflaged armor, along with his weapon, were in great site to these ruthless individuals who call themselves the 'Resistance'. For each COTA that is put on the ground, the more behavior and the more lives are saved everyday.  

CID: 18781

Basic RP Concepts
Tell us the meaning of each of the following RP terms, and give 3 examples for each term:

RDM- Random Death Match, when someone kills another without any RP.
A CP shooting every citizen on sight.
A Rebel shooting every citizen he sees in canals.
A Citizen punching another citizen to death.

FearRP- How you would feel if you have a gun to your face in real life. Like torture.
If you have a Magnum to your head, you have to show Fear.
If you have no choice but to jump off a roof.
You are surrounded by CPs, you have no choice but to surrender.

PK- Permanent Kill, when you die you have to delete your character.
When a CmD PKs a citizen in Prison.
If a CP is PK'ed by a Rebel.
A Vortigaunt is PK'ed by CPs.

NLR-  New Life Rule, When you die, you don't remember anything in your past life.
If you die in prison and you are not PK'ed, you don't know what happened.
If your a rebel and you die in Canals, you don't know what happened after you died, so you can't go back.
If your a CP that died in battle, you can't go back to that spot.

MG- MG is Metagaming, when someone uses IC information OOCly.
[OOC] John Carter: There is a biotic in the sewers do i kill it
CCA.C45.XXXX: There is a biotic in the sewers!
[OOC] David Peterson: Can someone help me mug this CP in D-6
CCA.C45.XXXX There is a unit being mugged in D-6
[OOC] Anthony Bill: A Bunch of rebels are meeting up in the canals
CCA.C45.XXXX: Rebel activity in D-6, call a JW!

DM- DM is Deathmatch, when 2 people are fighting.
A Rebel and CP fighting in Canals.
A Citizen vs Citizen with fists.
A Rebel fighting another rebel (Very unlikely)

Combine Codes
Answer the following questions about Combine radio codes

"647e" Means: Anti-Citizen.
"Unit is 10-8" Means: Unit online.
"10-50" Means: Patrol.
"10-20?" Means: Location.
"10-79" Means: Send Overwatch/Requesting overwatch.
"10-1" Means: Not Understood.
"11-3" Means: Stalker.
"11-99" Means: Officer Requiring assistance.
"10-78" Means: Officer in trouble.
"10-2000" Means: Reinforcements immediately.
"10-54" Means: Retreat.

What is the Radio code for the location of nexus ?: 10-21
What is the Radio code for unit taking fire ?: 11-99
What is the Radio code for "understood" ?: 10-2
What is the Radio code for "Copy That" ?: 10-4
What is the Radio code for "Citizen" ?: 10-91D
What is the Radio code for "Contraband" ?: 11-22
What is the Radio code for "Assault" ?: 11-48
What is the Radio code for "Shooting" ?: 11-49
What is the Radio code for "Exogen Breach" ?: 11-33
What is the Radio code for "Necrotics Breach" ?: 11-34

Combine Actions

In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 3 correct /me commands that could be used when in combat with rebels.

1: /me pulls out his Magnum, pointing it at the Rebels head, upon pulling the trigger saying "You're dead."
2: /me pulls out my Combine sniper, Aiming it at the Biotics head, then pulls the trigger.
3: /me would run up to the Rebel, beanbagging him.

Can you go Rogue as COTA?: They can't. They are brainwashed.

Can you Roleplay as normal Human as COTA?: Yes.

Can you talk like normal Human as COTA?: No.

Can you take civil protection work as COTA?: No.

What is the correct action to a citizen seen running in the Plaza?: I would advise a unit to re-educate them.

What is the correct action to a citizen have a weapon?: If i wanted them detained, i would advise a unit to take care of them. If not i would attempt to detain them myself.

What is the correct action to a Vortigaunt being seen in the Plaza without chains?: Kill them with my Combine sniper. Optional detaining.

What is the correct situation to ignore CMA's orders?: The SeC.

What is the correct situation to act like an Overwatch?: During a D-6 raid, or JW.


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Re: Over watch Application- Goober

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Re: Over watch Application- Goober

Post by Qball on Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:22 am

He just copied my entire application, this doesn't deserve to be accepted.


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Re: Over watch Application- Goober

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