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Post by tls083097 on Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:31 pm

* Must have a SqL to begin with. - DvL of ANVIL squad.
* Must not have a BMD nor a OverWatch (Elite) on any of their characters. - No BmD.
* Must not to be an inexperienced player. - Experienced.

Steam Name:

Private Renalf

Steam ID:

Character Name:

Colin Grant (DvL Anvil)

How many days have you played on the server?

About a week. Mostly play the whole day or night, I've been on multiple times on OOC night or stuff like that. I usually dedicate my time to a single character, like I did with my SWORD-2 back before the IP change.

IC: Background Story:

Classification: "CCA - Combine Civil Authority"
Branch: "ANVIL - Division Leader"
Mental State: "Stable"
History: Born in the now defunct nation now known as 'Canada', the subject is male with a mostly bald head. Whether or not this is hereditary, showing genetic superiority is beyond research. We have determined it's only a physical trait and does not affect commanding efficiency on field. Subject has gone to a now defunct learning system known as 'College' (*NEED CITATION.), for 'Technology' in the location known as 'Idaho', specifically at a 'Stevens-Henager College' in the City known as 'Boise', ...Which is now referred to as City 12. Subject graduated with 'High Honor', as well as seconding into 'Computer Science'.

His past life involved the homo-sapien cycle, of which, he was always ahead of every other child in the inferior BUU (Before Universal Union) Education, and excelled at superior command giving during his time as a 'Lead Clerk' for 'Num-Co Foods'. His mental state is curious, he shows superior aggression towards resistance members attacking officers, Possibly increasing the strictness of City 18. Seems to also care little for Units that fall from the expectations he's set for them. Possible daily training to gauge the effectiveness of Units.

End of mental and wellness report.

Have you played any type of SeriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there:

I've trained a group of units yesterday. Started out kind and positive, went Full Metal Jacket quite quickly due to their incapability to follow a simple command with enthusiasm. I was the only one consistently online and giving orders as well. Helped bust a BmD and lead some recruits into redemption by offering advanced training and simulation exercises. I also have played HL2RP for quite some time, which helped prepare me for something like this. I've also am familiar with rolls and /mes...When appropriate.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:

I've rp'd as a CP before, and know how to breachrp, roll with /mes, use /its, I know how to rp detain someone and how to broadcast an appropriate message on /bc. I also know how to fearrp, but since this is the SeC position we're talking about, I no doubt expect reprogramming and mind-wiping to brainwash the character into a fearless leader of some sort.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect?

A PK, Or Permanent Kill, is when a character is captured and executed/amputated in such a way that they are declared 'Permanently Killled'. They also are PK'd if they're relocated offworld, which doesn't happen as much as it should, really.

Give us an example of a 'PK' situation:

An anti-citizen group is based in the slums. Using the JW announcement and approval of admins, any CP or Resistance members captured can be PK'd, in a S2D (Shoot to detain) scenario. The resistance is outnumbered by the superior forces of the CCA and all are captured. They are then systematically executed or re-located off world. One of the rebels manages to flee and not be detained, keeping the resistance alive, if only by a thread.

That rebel is not pk'd, but every rebel who didn't escape the wrath of the Combine are executed once they're brought back to the Nexus.

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect?

A DM, Or 'Deathmatch' Is when a S2K (Shoot to kill) event is announced by server administrators as well as event planners, to of course, shoot to kill. This is usually when it's declared a /me is not necessary to engage in combat. Beanbags are usually stated if it's alright to use.

Give us an example of a 'DM' situation:

The RDC comes online, distributing rations to the citizens that show up for said rations. But, there is a large miscount and missing citizens. The CCA will then call a 'Judgement Waiver' Ordering a full headcheck at the local apartment district. They will then, if there is missing citizens, call for a D6/Slums raid. This will be ordered, followed by OW/OWE units coming online to assist. The admins, or the event planners, will declare it a 'S2K' event or not. They will also announce if it's a 'PK' Event.

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect?

RDM, or 'Random Deathmatch' is when a character kills another without any explanation or otherwise. These can be overridden if a situation like a JW is in place and you are seen in an area you shouldn't be in. (IE, Slums or D6.) If AJ (Autonomous Judgement) is in place, you can be killed on sight by CP given the order by a high-command like SeC.

Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation:

A CP who was a newly-promoted officer, goes up and shoots a citizen for running or jumping. With Lethal ammo. A level 1 violation does not warrant this behavior. If it's an honest mistake, and it was IC, a higher up will most likely speak to them, possibly amputating them and PK (It's still RDM in a nutshell, but their character just did something they shouldn't have done.) . If it wasn't a mistake, they did it on purpose, and did it OOCly, that's RDM, and Moderators will deal with it. Usually resulting in a kick or possible ban depending on offense.

Give us three correct /me commands:
/me pulls up his datapad, punching in the Units numbers before handing the Unit a UNION-5 Armband for completing initiation and basic training, followed by him saying the Units orders, <::10-50, Plaza area::>

/me flicks his radio on through his B.I.D. (Biological Interface Device), sending out the call into the radio;
/radio <::10-20 City 45 Apartments, 647E 10-107M, 11-23; Disturbance by Anti-citizen activities in City 45 Apartments, Distribution of contraband. Code; Contain, Stabilize, Detain. //Nonlethal detainment ::>

/me flicks on the 'OW-REQUEST' on his radio, sending out a Code 10-2000, 12-00 to any responding OW Units in stasis.
/radio <:: 10-99 11-99 10-110 647E - Count 6 10-20 D6 - Slums, CODE: EXTRACT, EXPOSE FLUSH, STERILIZE. ::>

Give us three correct /it commands:

/it The SeC as well as the CP and OW beside him made a thundering marching noise as they pushed into D6, the nearby citizens being intimidated and afraid from the spectacle of utter death brushing by them. The SeC ordered the GRID and ANVIL units the following via the radio;
/radio <:: INOCULATE, DEPLOY PARASITICS AT 10-20, D6. ::>

/it As the calm, tranquil sky is floating above City 18, having been grayed out due to the industrial production of many UU Goods, a sudden broadcast was made, booming over the tranquility and enforcing an atmosphere of fear.
/bc <:: Attention. 10-1000 In this residential block. Confirm your civil status with protection teams IMMEDIATELY. Individual. You are charged with; HOMICIDE, MENTAL IMPERFECTION, POLICIDE, UNCIVIL ACTIVITY. 11-2 ACTIVATED. CODE: DEPLOY, INJECT, ADMINISTER, AMPUTATE. ::>

/it A small device extends from the SeC's shoulder. As the device is fully extended, a whistle is heard in the sky, foreshadowing the inevitable Parasitic Deployment into D6, Slums, firmly solidifying their hold on the area by aggressive tactics.

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad?

A /bc is used by Civil Protection officers to announce a broadcast, usually saying something simple like 'The RDC is online' or the like. Sometimes used by high command to announce crimes against the Universal Union and the Non-compliance of the block.
An /ad Is used by citizens to advertise their business or service. Whether it's a store or not, is usually explained in the /ad. And negative use of this without authorization and violation of any type is to be prosecuted. (Even if they claim OOC or void, as they do this ALOT.)

What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect?

MG defines the term 'Metagame' Which is the inclusion of OOC information with IC information. These can be anything ranging from knowing where to meet someone without knowing IC, or posting IC information into OOC means like the OOC chat.

Give us three situations that define the term MG:

A Judgement Waiver is issued, and the Rebels use the railway system to escape the combine, is said OOC with the joke 'Don't metagame now' despite there can be an order to check the rails if it wasn't ordered yet. This is metagame since they're stating IC information in OOC chats. We cannot pursue because it will be metagame, since the rules state we can't use OOC information for IC advantage. It's avoiding rp as well as abusing the rule system in their favor, to gain IC advantage.

A Unit uses OOC information to find out a citizen is really a Black Market Dealer, and attacks and strips them for no reason other than a 'hunch' , and no actual laws broken. If they break into their apartment during a JW Apartment sweep and find weapons, IC, that's alright. CCA most likely have information regarding property owners and such; if it's an apartment, we can assume there's going to be a name on the front of the door, or registered in the apartments directory. OOC Information to bust a BmD however, is Metagame.

A newly made citizen character knows about every single secret on the map, despite the assumption they're new transfers to the City. This is a common case of metagame. The knowledge of secrets has to be IC via another citizen OR Resistance character telling them about it or showing them it. They cannot have knowledge of these places otherwise.


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