Marco Ket's OWE Application

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Marco Ket's OWE Application

Post by Shay Bayden on Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:37 pm

Steam Name: Venrus

Steam ID: Not sure, I couldn't get steam finder to work..

Character Name: Marco Ket

How many days have you played on the server?: One month.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: T&B-Civil Protection, StarwarsRp-Regimental Commander, SCP- Scp 682, Scp 049, MTF Commander.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: Civil Protection, Overwatch Elite, Overwatch Sniper, Stalker, Vendor (ie.Civilian)

IC: How you became OverWatch Elite: Marco was a S.W.A.T unit member, leading Gold Team, which handled terrorist threats. Marco and his team were the best of the best, no injuries, and always did the job right. Marco set his gear on the hook, and picked up his phone, two messages, Marco sighed, one of them was his wife, telling him to bring some water-nut chestnuts, the other, from his brother, telling him he would arrive a hour earlier than usual. Marco put his civilian clothes and walked out of the station, his team doing the same, "Nice work out there boys." Marco said, grinning, and punched his one of his teammates shoulder, Marco entered his car and made his way home. Marco turned on the radio, and turned the bend, leading to his quite large townhouse. (Time skip twenty minutes ahead) Marco's wife, Angel, had awaited Marco at the entrance, and tackled him when he entered, "Thank god, your alive!" She exclaimed excitedly, "Vengar is upstairs, he has been playing all day" She explained, Vengar, his five year old son, had grown surprisingly fast, and extremely strong for his age. Vengar had gotten into brawls at school regularly, and Angel was forced to quit her job and homeschool him, making Marco the only source of income. Marco always hoped Vengar wouldn't notice that he left for days at a time, Vengar had corrected him last week when his goodbye to Marco was, "Going out alrighty daddy, what a shame, I thought you could teach me how to catch." That made Marco cry right then and there. Marco made his way up the stairs, and made his way to were Marco was playing with lego, Vengar turned his head and smiled, "Hello Daddy, wanna play with me?", He said in his sweet voice, "Of course my boy, what are we playing?" Vengar motioned to the lego, it was his police lego set, "We are playing police, just like you Daddy!" Vengar said happily. Angel watched has her husband and son played, they played for around a hour or two, when Angel announced, "Alright my sweet, time for bed!", this made Vengar mad, and Vengar smashed his lego set, Marco sat up, surprised that his son would break his lego. "No you stupid blonde haired bitch!" Vengar screamed and rose his fists, Marco stood up, "Ven! Don't talk to your Mother that way" Marco said, in a stern voice, but Vengar didn't stop, and he ran through Marco's legs, and swung at Angel, who happened to be knelt down. Vengar's fist came fast, but not fast enough, Angel grab Ven's arm, and collar, stood up, pulling Vengar up,and slammed him into the wall, and swung to slap Vengar. Marco grabbed Angel's arm, deflected the fist, and told Vengar to go to bed. "How dare you lay hands on our son!" Marco scream and grabbed Angel by the torso and pushed her into the wall, not hard though, Angel flinched as she saw Marco grab her, and closed her eyes, but was suprised when no pain came, and she started crying. Marco released her instantly and felt sick, Angel looked at him, tears in her eyes, "I...I..I th..thought you were going to hurt me.." Angel cried, and started to fall, Marco caught her in his arms, "I would, and never will hurt you." Marco whispered, and kissed her. "I'm sorry." (Bam, Time skip till the Invasion, 11:33 Pm, Three hours later) Marco and his team mates  were hunkered down behind a destroyed car, guns in hand, and littered corpses in the street, "Now!" Marco screamed, and his unit, some militia and other officers emerged from cover, and fired at the Combine formation, which broke, then reformed, and began firing back, doing twice as much damage as the resistance, Marco was about to get into cover, when a pulse round entered his chest. And all went dark. (How'd you like the story?) (I had to re-write it three times..)

CID: 71822

Basic RP Concepts
Tell us the meaning of each of the following RP terms, and give 3 examples for each term:

RDM- Random Death match, when someone kills another randomly, for example A CP killing a CP, A CP killing a citizen, Or a Rebel kills a citizen, unless they have reason to do any of the above.

FearRP- Being afraid of something, for example, A citizen is going to listen to someone holding a gun to their head. A Citizen is afraid of OW, a gun dealer is afraid of being caught, and you must RP accordingly.

PK- Permanent Kill, A character is killed by using a long detailed /me, and the character is deleted, A Citizen is publicly executed by a CP, A Rebel is publicly executed by a CP, and A Rebel infiltrates the city and kills a CP.

NLR- New Life Rule, Meaning you forget everything, who killed you, and where, etc.., A Citizen is amputated, A CP is killed in action, A OW is killed by a Rebel, you may not go back to where you are killed for a hour.

MG- Meta Game, Using OOC information IC, A CP knowing the location of a Rebel without being told IC, A Rebel knowing where the CP's are without spying or being told IC. A CP knowing someone has been stabbed without seeing it, or told IC.

DM- Deathmatch, two sides are engaging in combat, Rebels and Overwatch fighting in the canals, Vortigaunts and OW fighting, and Armed Citizens and CP's fighting for the city.

Combine Codes
Answer the following questions about Combine radio codes
647e" Means: Anti-Citizen
"Unit is 10-8" Means: Unit Online
"10-50" Means: Patrol
"10-20?" Means: Location
"10-79" Means: Send Overwatch
"10-1" Means: Not understood
"11-3" Means: Stalker
"11-99" Means: Officer needs assistance
"10-78" Means: Dispatch for officer in trouble
"10-2000" Means: Reinforcements Required
"10-54" Means: Retreat

What is the Radio code for the location of nexus ?: 10-21
What is the Radio code for unit taking fire ?: 11-99
What is the Radio code for "understood" ?:10-2
What is the Radio code for "Copy That" ?: 10-4
What is the Radio code for "Citizen" ?: 10-91D
What is the Radio code for "Contraband" ?: 11-22
What is the Radio code for "Assault" ?: 11-48
What is the Radio code for "Shooting" ?: 11-49
What is the Radio code for "Exogen Breach" ?: 11-33
What is the Radio code for "Necrotics Breach" ?: 11-34

Combine Actions

In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 3 correct /me commands that could be used when in combat with rebels.

1:/me Cocks his pistol, and fires a couple rounds at the rebel.
2:/me Positions himself behind the sandbag, and unclips a grenade from his utility belt.
3:/me Reloads his pistol, and holsters his AR2, and begins firing at the squad of rebels.

Can you go Rogue as COTA?: No, They are brainwashed and filled with implants, preventing them from defecting.

Can you Roleplay as normal Human as COTA?: No.

Can you talk like normal Human as COTA?: No.

Can you take civil protection work as COTA?:You may not, that is for CP's to do.

What is the correct action to a citizen seen running in the Plaza?: Radio in that a citizen has been running and needs a re-education.

What is the correct action to a citizen have a weapon?: If the weapon is drawn and he/she is shooting, Amputate, if it is drawn, but not firing, I'd yell at him to drop it, if he does, detain, if he doesn't comply, Amputate him. If he just has a weapon, tie him have a cp take him.

What is the correct action to a Vortigaunt being seen in the Plaza without chains?: Detain it, bring the Vortigaunt to the Nexus,and chain him.

What is the correct situation to ignore CMA's orders?: If the SeC says differ.

What is the correct situation to act like an Overwatch?: If Overwatch are ordered to deploy, or the SeC orders us to, and during a Judgement waver.

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Re: Marco Ket's OWE Application

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:19 pm

You wrote:Marco was about to get into cover, when a pulse round entered his chest. And all went dark.
From your answer, it was more of a backstory on how you lived your life, etc etc, but then you blacked out. After that I just assumed that you were taken in and made a OTA unit.
After-all, police/military were either killed or made OTA.


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