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Post by Qball on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:52 pm

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Post by Blite on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:06 am

We had you guys captured and killed you so you didn't have to sit through the whole kidnap bullshit routine, but you ran right back. Unless I am mistaken, nowhere in the rules does it say OWE have no NLR. That is only on Chen's shitty server. As for favoritism, Rune keeps me on a pretty tight leash. He is the one who knocked me out and dragged me there in the first place; if he didn't, I'd have captured both CmDs and the DvLs in the Nexus prison. I have no idea who Rune is irl. He's a pretty cool guy and I like him but he has no reason to show any favoritism towards me. He never really does favorite me in any case and he's kidnapped me twice and put a huge ass bounty on my head.

The only two times he ever helped me is when you were being a stupid fucking minge and decided to rob two rebels who had AR2s and expected to win. You're lucky Rune didn't PK you. Then you complained about him giving me the AR2 you stole because ''Oh hey, I just borderline broke FearRP and did something really fucking stupid but in the heat of the moment I stole a bunch of this guy's shit so I should be rewarded''.

Mugging rebels for no reason is failRP in itself. You are clearly just a pissy scriptwhore with a grudge against me, and Rune for siding with me in that one situation. Don't try to deny this; after the situation you messaged me on steam and began BEGGING me to give you my AR2 or buy you one. You don't give a flying fuck about actual roleplay, all you want are scripts to get your egotistical rocks off on.

The other was when I single-handedly knocked out 8 CPs in the nexus. You guys were saying ''NO, WE LOST, REDO!'' after starting the S2K fight. Rune said that I escaped because he was actually the one who knocked me out and took me to the bar. The only thing Rune did was refuse a redo which you booty-bothered CPs were so intent on getting because you got your asses handed to you so hard.

He also banned you (for 30 minutes, extremely short, I might add) for RDMING ME IN AN ADMIN SIT, while the other admin was going to ban you for 24 HOURS, which I don't even need to expand on.

He usually sides with me because I'm right. I never try to be unfair or ruin other people's RP. If I were you I would take a deep inner look inside yourself and try to find out the specific reason WHY you have this grudge against me, and hopefully you can realize I haven't really ever done anything to you or wronged you in any way.


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