SuperTaco's Bio... whatever you honestly wanna say it is.

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SuperTaco's Bio... whatever you honestly wanna say it is.

Post by SuperTaco on Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:43 pm

Im Rowdy Kinser, also known as SuperTaco. I play as Ivan Barinov, Jonathan Knight, Preston Roberts, and Dr. Trevor Carter.

I don't like to stick with my main characters, so I like to balance my RP experience on different characters just because I like making an interesting RP and the IC community more diverse rather than the same-old, same-old rebels, citizens, loyalists, etc.
But I guess I will talk a little more about myself in real life. Im 16, born and raised in The United States of America, I love to be physical and do things like basketball, dodgeball, running, working out, etc. Im planning on a future military career of about 10 years (Marine Corps.) in Infantry.
To be a little more specific is that I was born and raised in Kentucky (Planning on moving to Florida or somewhere out West.), and before you ask, NO IM NOT A REDNECK AND NO, I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC.

But yeah, I guess a little more is I love heavy metal, rock, hard rock, and a little bit of rap and techno (weird mix isn't it? lol). But im also weird apparently because I want to go on the Ukraine Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Tour alone or with friends, oops. But yeah, that's a little introduction to myself, see you on the server, Fireball.


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