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Post by Goober on Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:05 pm

 * Must not to be an inexperienced player.

Steam Name: Goober

Steam ID: (Again Steam is being Weird as of always. Apologies for that.)

Character Name: Gabriel Adams

How many days have you played on the server? Well over two months now.

IC: Background Story: Gabriel is like many of the other citizens that have been in City 45. Take a trainstation and you arrived. Though he had never transfered, he was basically a standing man here at City 45. It all began how he is just an average citizen. Getting his rations, staying clean, and avoiding any trouble that may expose him to be apart of. From there, it was easy. Since he is just a quiet man that not many people have actually heard or really seen of him. He has no concern for that. It isn't long until he is sick and tired of the public executions, the beatings he has sustained for god only knows what the reason may be, and the fact of getting searched every now and then. Gabe had enough of this non-sense, and decided to stay tight to an old canal way system that he had easdropped over, and decided to go along that path. Peace and quiet are the words to describe his relations towards the canals. Though dangerous sometimes, and rather risky, he would bid into the peace and comfort. His last approach towards the canals was rather unsettling towards him. The corpses among corpses of citizens in their, and the dead faces upon them. The horror had settled in Gabriel's mind. Was he willing to be a simple and quiet man? Letting the CCA push him and these citizens around? He did question why these citizens were slaughtered. Nothing would settle his mind but the rage that had been brought to him. The time for change had to be now. He kept a list of the CCA shipment and cargo of the arrivals of the APC and dropships. Some of the CCA forces would use it up, and that was all fine to Gabriel. The man reason, was to scavenge. In the junk pit, he would look and gather anything useful for his quest of revenge to what the CCA had done to these poor innocent citizens. The amputations, beatings, search's and all of the above would go towards his scavenge and his embarkment to end the CCA's power. From holding up Unit's with a shank and looting off of their dead gear with a shank stuck inside their heads, to the guns that were loaded with pure bullets, he wanted to give back to the newcomers. Tell them that they should not be afraid, but to only look up to God and ask him. "What would you do?" In Gabriel's response, it would be to take this gun, and fight the good fight that we have been fighting for. Or to sit there, on the bench, and watch more people get slaughtered for the actions that are false. The time for vengence, was now.

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer? Gabriel has had enough of the power of the CCA. from the random search's, to the public executions, from the screams and horrors of the stalkers, from the beatings he has sustained for what ever false reason it may be, he needs to enforce himself, to stay strong, and not passive. Not to where he can mope and sob about receving the stun marks on his body, or the mind of the people that had their brains exploded publicly by a single shotgun blast, it was time for him to speak up, and remain quiet no more. To help and assist those who are willing to fight for their rights to become the citizens this great planet once had. Restore the nation, and plunge the CCA out of power. Once and for all.

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer? I have had multiple of rebel characters before on some serious RP servers for Combine Control. I just want to really help out and truthfully be helping out the rebel alliance. For they seem to be low on men and weaponry.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: Many of times. I have played from being an average citizen, to a CCA official. Or becoming a Minister. As said, I have had experience playing as a rebel character.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: As said, I have played as a Minister, CCA official, to an avergae Citizen, and to the depths of being a rebel character.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect? PK means 'Perma-Kill'. It state of meaning is when a person is forever dead, by an action to where it inflicted of either gunshot or of torture to where ever it involves death. Such as a public execution.
Give us an example of a 'PK' situation: 'The Unit would then eye the many faces of the citizens that are outisde the Nexus. The wind is cold, and rather breezy. Along the pavement lies a man to where his face has seen hell and back. The torture one's might think to themselves. With the citizen's face being bruised and battered up from the horriffic beatings, the unit then sets him up-right. With no word to be spoken of, The unit reaches behind his belt and draws a silver magnum. Clear as day. He inserts the bullet, and locks it in the chamber. The barrel is pointed towards the beatned up citizen's head. As he speaks no word. The only sound to ever set was the sound of a gun-shot. To echo all throughout the City. As the citizen had set there, on the pavement. Nothing but the blood exiting from his head.'

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect? DM means Deathmatch. Deathmatch is where two foes would meet eachother and describe hatred towards eachother. Such as a Rebel seeing a CCA Official. You wouldn't need to talk to the CCA official. Your first action once they see eachother, would be to engage in a firefight.
Give us an example of a 'DM' situation: 'It was clear. The Armored like man had run into the sewers. Hearing the constant boots echoing throughout the sewer's, he then makes his way towards the light. Finding the pillaging fields of the canals. The waste and rubble was as natural as ever. He quickly climbs the ladder. There he awaits. The masked strangers enter the hostile territory. They search the buildings and everything. No sign. A-far the ground, there was a rubble of trash. The scope had leaned out of the trash, and picked off a Masked head. Along with that, the Units were on alert. Three would remain. Another would be shot crossing mid-way, and would move no more. Two. The Unit had sight of the hidden rebel, but was too late. For the shot was missed, and the man had sniped the mask off of the man's face. One was left. A game of cat and mouse. The hidden sniper would leave his post. He thought of a grand escape. Escape he might, but alas, a laser had pointed at his head, and was still. Ever so, the Unit came, and chuckled. As he pulled the trigger. Ending the hidden man and his escape.'

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect? RDM means Random Death-Match. Meaning you killed a person for absloute no reason what so ever. The person may not have done anything to you, and you still kill him for no reason.
Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation: A CCA member busts down the door during a Judgement Waiver, and not searching, he kills everyone in sight.

Give us three correct /me commands:
1. /me Would take the gun from the dealer. He then cocks the hammer back, and loads the magazines up, and hands it back to it's rightful owner.
2. /me would examine the dead body on the ground. He gets on one knee, and notices the many bullet holes covering his body. Along with his face.
3. /me Would spot the Units on the move. He quickly gives a hand signal to go forward, and the many rebel like citizens follow the order. Sticking behind him for the assault.
Give us three correct /it commands:
1. /it 'The air was thick. Fog had covered the area, and everyone around them. Concerned, they sway about, hoping to protect themselves by looking for the Units. Out of no where, blue lasers highlight them. As they stand still, with their hands in the air.'
2. /it 'The rebel group would continue its fire onto the incoming wave of Civil Protection Units. When the ammo was wasted, they decided to make a quick escape. Into the sewers they went. Where they left a blood bath for the incoming Units.
3. /it 'The armored man would come up to a three eyed alien like creature. Worried to see what it might do, the creature would call to the human to come forward. With a strange alien voice. The armored man was astonished it knew English. He came forth, and the third arm sticking out of his chest, would emit a green glowing light. To where it patched and closed the gushing leg wound.'

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad ?
/bc Is basically a broadcast the CCA make to announce their announcements and what they are doing and what the Citizens should do.
/ad Is when a Citizen advertises a shop they may own or a job listing for those citizens that are poor. (They cannot make a /ad if the Add. is vulgar or dealing with something related about anti-citizenry.)

What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect? MG basically means Meta-Game. IT means that something in IC is brought up to in IC. Without the IC knowing anything about it.
Give us three situations that define the term MG:
1. OOC- Just saw an unchained Vort in the Trainstation!      IC- Unit- "Units, unchained biotic is spotted in the trainstation!"

2. OOC- Whoa! Billy has alot of guns!         IC- Citizen- "May I have a gun to protect myself? I heard you are a salesman."

3. OOC- Hey, I just found a stash of weapons in the apartments. Geez I am lucky!          IC- Unit- "Apartment Sweep. We may have weapons inside the Apartments Units. Get sweeping, and contain the contraband!"

A Note- Sorry if the explaining of what this and this was so long. Just trying to give a proof of what would happen in those kind of situations. But, I thank you for reading this application, and Understand if I am denied. If accepted, then thank you, and I will keep a promise of not to break my role as a BMD. Thank you, and have a very nice day.



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