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Pentagram's BMD Application Empty Pentagram's BMD Application

Post by eliran159753 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:26 am

Steam Name: Pentagram

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83596349

Character Name: Riley 'RF' Freeman

How many days do you have on the server: 25+

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there:
Yes, I played alot of DarkRP servers and HL2RP, Played and tried to apply for the Combine to have more experience in a server with a different rules than's rules.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:
As I said I played alot of HL2RP servers (Mostly In LemonPunch and Raidtekk, In LemonPunch I was a city scanner and a Helix In Raidtekk I had a normal OverWatch and I just got accepted to BMD in some new Server )

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer? (170 words minimum):
I would like to become a black market dealer because I would like to provide the Rebellion members of City 17 with weapons and armaments. I would like to overthrow the combine pigs and take over their pigsty. I want to be able to make some dosh, too. But that aside, I want to help people buy weapons and armor to get together and fight the pigs,To get the resources to take down the Combine's Empire, I want to help the Black Market Dealers to sell weapons at the Same Price as it costs, I won't scam like the others.
And to help the resistance in any way I can. I want to watch every person affiliated with the CCA either dead or I'll die trying to see that, And

And, I wish to join the black market to try and get some of my old life back. I used to work in store selling clothes, so I was used to selling. I need a decent job to help me pass the depressing days in City 17
I would also like to join to help me meet some new friends and start to know people the Black market is a great way to meet people and get your name around. I just want to find someone who I can be friends with maybe even someone to love..

The Black Market seems like a dream job to me.. I loved my time selling clothes before the war and i really love spending the money on worthwhile things while improving the life of citizens. If you were to accept me i would prove an able and willing addition to your staff..

I wish to become a black market dealer as I believe I can fairly sell items inside of the BMD menu to other players. Without any BMD's very little amounts of contraband would go into circulation, Which most likely would not be the case inside of the Half Life universe due to the fact that people would have contacts in the outlands. I understand that the BMD role is one that is strict and must be roleplayed to a large extent, And I will abide by these rules.

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer? (150 words minimum):
Sort of like what my IC description said. I want to be able to make some cash and sell guns etc to the people of City 17, I am really Experienced with Being a Black Market Dealer and I love RPing with this Faction, This is my most Favourite Faction that can ever be in for Me, That's why i want to get chosen to it, I almost got all the flags in CC and this is going to be the most fun yet,I also love RPing as a Store Owner in the Rebel Base and Sell weapons to people and explain them how i work as a Black Market Dealer and such, It could be really fun and I could gain a lot of experience from selling Guns to People, I've seen that some people left the community and some people got banned with their BMD flag, Sadly.
But this is my opportunity to get this BMD Faction.

IC: Background Story (250 words minimum):
The first thing Riley Freeman saw in City 17 was a dead body. This was not an incredibly abnormal appearance inside of City 17, however the way he had died was horrible. All he had done was stolen some apples, but the Civil Protection saw this as no petty crime. He was already dead, yet they kept firing, and kept hitting him. Riley tried to ignore this, but it wasn't just this one time. He hated the fact that whenever you heard a Civil Protection you hid, acted like a different person. He thought it was wrong. He thought it was unjust. Eventually, he stumbled upon the resistance. It was by accident - He had taken a tumble whilst exploring the contents of the construction site, and when he woke up he was inside the D4 basement. A freed vortiguant had heard news of him, and had come up to the basement and healed him. At this point, Riley knew what his goal was - To join this group of people. It was a long, strenuous journey however not every single member of this resistance was as kind as the ones he first met. There were scammers, spies and gangs. Riley saw these people - People in poverty, struggling to get credits, resorting to selling their citizen supplements for money.
And even then, with this money they could not afford anything, due to the scammers, spies and gangs. Riley knew that this was disgusting - The people of City 17 needed a real shop, where people could get their items safely, and use those potentially to cause an uprising.

RDM stands for Random Death Match and is when a player kills another player for no valid RP reason.
1.Tyler saw a citizen in the streets and he killed him with a pistol without a reason.
2.Tyler was a rebel and killed a citizen because he annoyed him in the local ooc chat.
3.Tyler was a combine and he killed the CMR with SMG because he pushed him with a stunstick every second.

"FearRP" is a scenario where you are to follow someone else's orders as they have you at gunpoint, but you do not.
1. A Rebel pointed a gun at a Combine who had Stunstick in his hand, The Rebel told him to freeze and not move. The Combine switched to a SMG to kill the Rebel.
2. Combine saw a Rebel in house, The rebel had a crowbar in his hand. The combine told him not to move or he'll get shot he didn't want to die so the Rebel switched to a Spas-12 to kill the Combine.
3.3 Rebels walked in the streets and they saw a SQD-Helix CP. They all pointed a gun at the SQD-Helix and told him not to move a muscle. SQD-Helix switched to his Spas-12 and tried to kill the 3 Rebels.

It means repeatedly jumping in a zig-zag style while running.
1.Combine was getting shot by a Rebel in the streets. The Combine started to bhop and he killed the Rebel while the Combine bhopped.
2.A citizen walked in the streets and he saw a Rebel shooting at a Combine,The Rebel missed all the bullets because the Combine was bhopping to avoiding enemy attacks.
3.A Rebel saw a Combine near the metropol area,The Rebel yell "I am going to shoot you!" But the Combine Bhopped to avoid the combat.

It means your character is killed, but cannot ever be used again. The character is deleted.
1.Combine was FailRPing , FearRPing and didn't knew how to play properly as a Combine, So he got PK'd.
2.Combine was inactive for few days/weeks so he got PK'd.
3.Combine is taking rations,shooting in the training area,going to the rebel base without a permissis from higher combine rank and he did it alot and didn't stop so he got PK'd for that.

New Life Rule: Means that you start a new life (Forget everything in your previous life - Who kills you, who attacks you, etc..)
1.Tyler is Defending the Rebel Base and dying. He's Going back to finish off the attackers(CPs) and continue defending the Rebel Base.
2.Tyler the Combine saw a Rebel in the theatre. Tyler killed the Rebel and the Rebel came back right after he got spawned to revenge kill the Combine.
3.Tyler the Citizen saw a Rebel and a Combine in the metropol,The rebel shot the combine in the head with a Spas-12, The Combine told to the citizen to get out of here or he'll die. The citizen refused to listen to the Combine. The combine killed the citizen and the citizen came back and killed the combine with the weapon[Pistol] for a revenge.

MG-Metagaming is when you use OOC information IC.
1. Civil Worker has opened a new shop in town which sells food,drinks and misc! This player decides to announce in OOC that his shop is now open and located next to the plaza. While his intentions were not bad, this is meta-gaming as such information is supposed to go to /ad.

2. Bob is getting mugged by the Rebels [2 rebels] So he tells his friend in teamspeak which is also a CPs[helix and echo]. This is meta-gaming on both players part, as player A shouldn't have warned is his friend trough teamspeak, this is not part of the roleplay and player A's friend should not have utilized this information to his advantage, as it was achieved outside of roleplay.

3. Bob the Rebel got killed in the Metropol by 3 cps. So he told in the OOC Chat: "All the rebels go to the metropol, 3 CPs in there!", It's meta-gaming because he gaved IC Information in the OOC Chat.

Forcing your actions on others and or having super natural abilities that defy physics.
1.Citizen annoyed other Citizen so he did a /me. [/me punches the citizen till he dies]. “/me punches the man till he dies” is not correct role-play and it's forcing your actions on someone.
2.Steven punches Carl in the head so hard, Carl falls unconscious. [Giving your character abilities they are not capable of]
3.citizen goes up to a guy and kill him by stabbing him in the back,without giving any chance to react or resist.

DM-Death Match is a fight in common consent between two players or more..
1. Rebels raided the Nexus and they can kill all the Civil Protections they see because the Civil Protections are protecting the Inside of the Nexus.
2. Civil Protections raided the Rebel base and the Rebels are trying to protect the stuff in there.
3. Rebels are Raiding the Plaza, They are killing all the Civil Protections because they are Protecting the Place.


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