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Being banned

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Being banned Empty Being banned

Post by tater505 on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:53 pm

I got banned for not knowing what flagging down is I would love to apply for an unban. I am not even passed training yet and I got banned for 2865 minutes. When I first played HL2 and say the combine I was obsessed. I tried for a year on gmod to become a combine on servers. Just tonight my application here was accepted on combine control. I actually have nothing else here for me in gaming other than fireballgaming. and guess what. I felt so safe and thought I was just goanna pass training and live life as a cp and I was so fucking happy until I realized I cant trust these people. If I could get an unban I would be happy as a clam and retrust. Thank you... Sad
P:S When I got banned the reason was "Added a day because Im generous :3" And 2865 minutes is two fucking days. I got other things to worry about than this bullshit!


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