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Hagen Part 1

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Hagen Part 1 Empty Hagen Part 1

Post by HagenOdoGauner on Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:03 pm

The Story Of Hagen Gauner

Hagen was raised on a small farm, but many said it looked rich for his era of the days, and his father was not the kind of man many would expect to be a farmer, and to be more specific his father was actually a baker, and the reason he switched to a farmer was because he thought it would do him better.
The main reason that Hagen had a rich childhood was because he had something that not many people would have his mother she was a merchant, and many people thought that it was highly un-common some thought it was weird, but for Hagen he thought it was normal, and as he was getting older his mother left him to go on to another age of her live, she decided that since Hagen was getting older he could fend for himself, and his father, but shortly after she left things started to go toward a downfall.
The downfall was that Hagen's father decided that he was also going to leave him, but he done it in a worse matter, and by his fathers strict standards, but at this point Hagen was 15, and from the looks of it Hagen was highly en-raged by his fathers decisions, but he decided to drop it, and he though since his mother left him it would not be much of a difference, so Hagen told himself that he would run the farm, and do it all himself, but he soon found out it would be much harder then he expected it would be, but he spent two years on the farm, and then something happened, and it changed Hagens life forever...
Hagen was working on the farm, and out of no where he heard a really loud pitched scream, and it sounded like a women, so he quickly grabbed a double barrel, and he sprinted to the spot, so that he could help, and see what was going on for himself, and at that spot there was eight men standing there with rifles, and wierd uniforms, and the first words to come out of their mouths was horrific. "Citizen, Get on the ground!"
Hagen done what they said, and he quickly threw the gun to the ground, and planted his face to the floor, and there a man with red eyes, and a black, and red uniform stood above him, and Hagen was then pinned down, and they put zip-ties around his hands picking him up, and the zip-ties cut into Hagens hands, but lucky for Hagen they did not cut off circulation, but Hagen had a emotion to be called fear, and he told himself he would not resist anything that they throw toward him, and he would do what he was told because he wouldn't want to be murdered, slaughtered, or even killed.
They took Hagen to a ship from the looks of it tossing him inside of it, and there Hagen sat down, and they spoke to him "Citizen, You are not charged of any crimes, but we are taking you to City 45 be ready because your new life starts now."
They threw Hagen a bag, and Hagen grabbed it he then looked through it, and it was a bag filled with posters, and Hagen then asked. "What is this for?" They Replied,
"This is for Loyalist Points now remain quiet Citizen."
So Hagen was then quiet, and they was riding felt like 13 hours straight to Hagen, but it was actually 2 days straight, and then Hagen heard the engine of the ship shut off, and the men came in, and grabbed Hagen dragging him outside, and taking off the zip-ties, and they spoke to him, and said
"Citizen, Move along, and put up those posters, your Loyalist Points will be provided."

<:: 4 Years Later. ::>

Hagen was sitting there with many combine surrounding him, and they was actually following some of the orders that he provided, and 3 years before this was the 7 hour war, in which Hagen fought in, and he was a Medic, and he saved many lives that is where he gained much of the Loyalist Points that he now has, and he is now at a total of 210, Loyalist Points, and that means that he is highly cared for, and a name was given to the units, and they were now called the Combine, and Hagen started calling them as needed, and he was very respectful toward them also he used words such as, Yes Sir, and Yes Ma'am, but that was just him, and even as a young boy he was like that, and he didn't, and still don't use his power to his advantage, and he is enjoying his new life, and the respect that he is given that he never received by even his parents was outstanding in his eyes.
So many of these combine men was respecting him, and caring for him, and they gave him what he needed to survive, he enjoyed the small work they made him do, and he quickly learned to read, and also write, so now at the age of 20 he was getting in to political things such as keeping people calm, and he would call him self a Loyalist, but the fact being there was now a threat, and it was major, but the Combine was quickly handling them, but the more they eliminated the more that came, and there was now the rebel's that was attacking, and they was getting guns, and Hagen studied how they was getting guns, and he actually reported many of the men, and so he figured out the weapons that they was getting, and where from, these men where capturing units, and beating them cutting off limbs, and then taking there outfits if they didn't rip them up, and taking there guns, and killing off these units, the killing were highly massive, and the murdering was a non stop act toward them, and this was now called The Rebel Age, or as the rebels called it, The New Age.

- To Be Continued-

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