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Sai's Ban Appeal

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Sai's Ban Appeal Empty Sai's Ban Appeal

Post by Sai Yamanaka on Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:13 pm

my name is sai and i was banned just recently for "fail rp" so it started when i was sitting in a chair in a place i didnt work at and a worker came and told me to get out he rped him bean bagging me he rolled then i rolled but i rolled a "0" and i told him i won cause from past game play on this server CCA have rolled 0 and said "0" is an "auto win" so i didnt rp him bean bagging me cause i told him why i won i even told him that a CCA had told me 0 is an autowin and 1 is a re-roll but he said get out of chair or get banned so i just said fuck it cause i was getting annoyed with the situation and got up from the chair he still bean bagged me and i was banned a minute later while in rp Neutral scratch

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