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Ivan Barinov's Application  Empty Ivan Barinov's Application

Post by SuperTaco on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:04 pm

Steam Name:SuperTaco

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:100803448

Character Name:Ivan Barinov

How many days have you played on the server? About a few months now.

IC: Background Story: Back when the world was normal, before it went to shit, I was just your average man, your average person. I had a family that was there for me, supported me, you name it. Im Ukrainian, I left my family once I became 20, I was born in a clean zone in Chernobyl. I thought I could help out the world, I left in a work-bus to my job, I was a factory worker in a auto mechanical factory, I was one of the electricians there, maintaining the place. When the world went to shit, I was in the factory splicing some wires together then an explosion happened, the factory was in flames, smoke raising to the top of the factory, living hell at its finest. The NATO decided to raid a factory, taking out the economy of Ukraine's exports, so I thought, if my military wont do anything, I will. So for the three years, I was part of the Ukrainian resistance, I was a "Terrorist" in their words, but I was defending my country. When the world got invaved by those, things, I was caught smuggling out some civilian-grade weapons to some members in Pripyat, the CCA took me in to City 18, and I was a rebel there, fighting for the resistance, keeping humanity alive.

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer? All I thought about was taking their lives and making ours stronger. When we was escorted to City 8, I had the same attitude still, hating them. Time went by, I mugged a pig as I usualy do, when a masked man came to me right when I was mugging them, he changed me forever, telling me through his perspective, showing me that if the wrong people have weapons, we'll have this city bombed to hell. Now I want to look for the right people to sell to, but at the moment, I am looking for dealers to supply me, hopefully, I can find one soon. After all these months and years of fighting them in the cities, I now see it on how the world is. I hope im one of those people making a positive change for humanity.

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer? I keep noticing how selfish people keeping starting these factions back in City 45 and City 18, making it where they're childish Black Market Dealers. Now that we're in City 8, I want to make a good start to the community as an independent Black Market Dealer, making it where people are less selfish and actually RPing as a realistic rebel and human being.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: Yes. I have made countless rebels and CP's, learning through each character on how to be a better character on each affiliation.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?: I was a LDR-GHOST. I was a faction leader back in City 45. I am now currently having two rebel characters, one with different IC personalities. I have a CP character now, SQD-SPEAR, helping protect his current City. I have a loyalist character, having a shack set up in the city in various places, keeping the economy of the city alive.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect? PK is a Perma-Kill. A Perma-Kill is when your character is killed off, for good, never to apper again. Its as if you died in real life.
Give us an example of a 'PK' situation: A rebel gets publically amputated in a City square in front of a lot of people.

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect? DM means Death-Match, where you kill people or keep injuring them to the point of death.
Give us an example of a 'DM' situation:
A person gets shot at multiple times, with one last shot, killing him.

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect? RDM means Random Death-Match. It is where you kill anybody for no apparrent RP reason.
Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation: A person is firing RPG rounds into a group of people, killing them all for no apparrent reason, with his fail RP excuse of just, "Wanting to kill them."

Give us three correct /me commands: /me would open the lid to his bottle. /me would re-position the cap on his head. /me would lay down his weapon on the table, showing it in a clear area.
Give us three correct /it commands: /it The radio would begin sparking. /it The man's mask would begin to let out a stream of air. /it The water would begin to feel colder to the touch.

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad ? /bc Is a broadcast used for CCA members to make public announcements to units and citizens alike. An /ad is where the CCA broadcsts messages from the citizens, censoring it to make it in their standards.

What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect? MG is Meta-Gaming. Meta-Gaming is the process of using OOC information to use it for your IC purposes.
Give us three situations that define the term MG: When somebody says something OOC and they use that info IC.
A person reads another person's bio, using that information like reading what his inventory is on his bio.
A person raids the Nexus when one CP is on-duty because its easier.


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Ivan Barinov's Application  Empty Re: Ivan Barinov's Application

Post by Suki (Odöla Olåf Meistér) on Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:14 pm

Your flag application has been accepted!
Remind me or another admin about it when you have time to get on.

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