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Tin Can (. . .)

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Tin Can (. . .) Empty Tin Can (. . .)

Post by Lime Cat on Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:36 pm

I really don't know what to put here other than some of my words that I have to say. . . . .

Tin Can. She is a good player to role-play with. Now, I'm making this because Rune already had perma banned her before. I think it's neat that she is back and we can play, however, while she was banned for a day and a half. I wasn't mugged, raped by Uriel, or anything else that usually would've happened by her. Then she get's unbanned. I get kind of mad because I'm like, "Oh great. She is back... This is going to be a living hell again" and I was kind of right about that. I asked Rune about it and he said that 'Blu Devil' got her unbanned. I talked to someone. (Couldn't remember the name. Crappy memory.) and they said it was just to have her RP more...? I don't understand that. I get that Blu Devil is the Co-Owner of Fireball Gaming, but this... Isn't Runes word final...? Afterall, if that is so, she wouldn't be here. And in my opinion, she should not. I'm loosing my mind over this... Everything that happened back in City 45 was out of spite. Metagaming. And Phantom says that's in the Past. But the past can hurt, and reflect on you. I got one mroe thing before I submit this post. Before, he created Uriel. You know. Just goes around drunk. Raping women in D-6. Which happens to noly be me, always. She, made Kentona, who mugs people with a appaerenly inisible switchblade that she claims 'The SeC gave it to me, I'm a spy' Yeah. I asked Blu Devil twice. He said "Who is kentona". SO that's another one. She also seems to mug me, and only me. She claims, "I mug other people." I havn't heard any named from you, Tin Can. Let me just add something, Tin Can, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for getting your CP PK'd, but going around, messing with me, mugging me, raping only me, and doing all these evil things to me. Saying it's role play. I know it's out of spite, Tin. I know it is. So goodbye. I will talk to Phantom and Rune. Tin Can, you've lost my trust. You will have to earn it. And me knowing you, you can't.

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