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Post by darkcave on Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:08 pm

Steam Name:darkcave

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:70274071

Character Name:Christain Rogers

How many days have you played on the server? Around 6 days.

IC: Background Story:
He came from a nice quiet village with his mother and father. He had some friends, but they always spent time away from him. His life was miserable and useless. One day he watched the news and found out about the war. People were dying everywhere on the screen. He couldn't bare it and shut the tv off. After he shut the tv off he heard a weird noise outside. The noise sounded like some sort of helicopter. He opened the door and fainted. The next thing he knew was that he woke up two years later.

He wondered where he was and decided to look around. He found out the hard way that you weren't supposed to go outside city boundaries. When Christain finally got through security, he found out about the outside rebellion. He was very surprised on how badly wounded everyone was. Christain wanted to do something so he traveled and talked to people for help. He found a dealer named Jacky. Jacky made good deals for people who wanted to sell black marketed items.

When Jacky showed him all of his stock, Christain was surprised. Jacky asked Christain if he wanted to help spread his shop for a small merchants fee. Christain Instantly accepted not knowing how dangerous his future was. (Thats the end of the story, hope it's not too bad.)

IC: Why do you want to become a Black market dealer?
I always wanted to help the men on the battlefield. They all look so hopeless and saddened. I want to brighten their future and give them hope for a better life! I can't fight alone, that is why I want to become a dealer.

OOC: Why should we choose you to become a Black market dealer? I role play decently and I also make prices decently high. Not too high for it to be a rip off high enough to where newbies can't get weaponry right away. I also want to rp as a bmd. I hope that by bmd I can start good rp and give people small jobs.

Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there:
I have played TnB. I have gone far out into the out lands. We hid in a small village within a forest. The rp was decent their. More of the rp came from the coast map. My character usually stayed at the far end of the coast to stay away from idiots that caused so many raids.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:
I have roleplayed as a SeC and other units. I have also roleplayed as a bmd and a rebel before.

What is the meaning of the term 'PK', and when does it affect? It instantly affects your characters life in an event and permanently kills your character.
Give us an example of a 'PK' situation: A public execution or being transferred to another world.

What is the meaning of the term 'DM', and when does it affect? A death match takes affect when someone randomly starts randomly killing people or it is an rp event with rebels vs combine.
Give us an example of a 'DM' situation: A random person killing people or a rebels versus combine fight.

What is the meaning of the term 'RDM', and when does it affect? Random murder, it affects rp and ruins it.
Give us an example of a 'RDM' situation:When someone randomly kills another player.

Give us three correct /me commands:
/me Slowly lifts himself up with his hands on the cold, metal table.
/me Falls down to the ground after his last few breaths.
/me Attempts to attack the man with all his force and body weight.

Give us three correct /it commands:
/it Christain barely reacts to the bullet flying past him.
/it As they ran the combine steadily caught up to them.
/it The fog starts the thicken and Christain can barely make out a weird figure. Little did Christain know that it was a hunter.

What is the difference between the following commands: /bc and /ad ?
/bc Is the broadcast something like a rations distribution and /ad is to advertise your store.
What is the meaning of the term 'MG', and when does it affect? When someone says something ic over ooc chat.

Give us three situations that define the term MG:
A person talks over ooc chat to tell people about whats happening.
When someone reads their description and finds out they are a rebel and reports it.
A person saying someones name and that guy didn't tell him a name at all.


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