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Post by Admin on Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:57 am

Server Rules:

A. Out of Character & In Character (All Flags/Jobs) - In Overall:
1. Don't mess with other players' stuff. If they want any help, they will ask for it!
2. Respect admins and others as you want to be respected aswell.
3. Do not swear (curse) another players or admins OOC'ly.
4. Don't chat spam or prop spam.
5. Do not propblock unless you have a valid RP reason.
6. Propsufing/Prop climbing is not allowed!
7. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule).
8. Do not kill another character without a valid reason (RDM).
9. Do not break FearRP, you always have the fear of death.
10. Do not MetaGame, for example use others citizen's names without actually knowing them (The name above the players only was meant to be use in admin situation and nothing else).
11. Do not kill a player who just spawned in the spawn area (Spawn-Killing).
12. The /me command is required for any invisible action you are doing.
13. Talking OOC'ly to a group of people at the same area instead of using LOOC is not allowed.
14. Do not use any form of command (eg: kill/suicide, disconnecting) to avoid (and escape) a RP (or an admin) situation. Jumping from a roof is an exception. But if you have a good RP reason for it and a way to do it properly.
15. You have to play it as a serious RolePlay.
17. Throwing off stuff while you are in a RP situation is not allowed.
18. Do not destroy your items when you're about to be checked by a CP.
19. Unconscious patting down is valid.
20. Placing random props at the streets without a valid RP reason is not allowed.
21. Torturing would be affected using /roll . If the tortured player wins twice in a /roll he dies because of the torture(could be bleeding, mental dying or anything in context of the situation.)
22. ERP is outright banned due the suppression field's - Unless admin started custom event.
23. Do not talk in any other language than English.
24. Use common sense.
25. If besides the rule, there's a map or a server name, the rule is only valid for that map / server.
26. Admin may still punish you for rules not stated here if they see fit for it.

B. In Character (Combines/OverWatch Units/Vortigaunts Slaves/Stalkers):
1. Cobmine/OW can't "find" the rebel's secret doors. They can use them if they see a rebel opening it and see how he opens it. Although, the combine will know about this door until they die and they are not allowed to report about it to the other combine.
Unless it's for ONE big operation which in the end of it everyone forget about the secret passages.
2. Vortigaunt Slave must obey all Combines' orders. Being a part of a rebellion is forbidden.
3. Only one Combine is required to interrogate one citizen. The other should patrol.
4. Free Vortigaunts and rebels must be killed on sight by default (If a capture of rebels is possible then it is fine but not for vortigaunts).
5. Inexperienced players can not get higher rank than RCT. When the RCT will be experienced he will be able to get tested for higher ranks.
6. Unit off Duty isn't allowed to leave the Nexus or use any weapons.
7. The CP-Citizens ratio should be 1:2 while aiming to a bigger ratio(2 CP, 5 citizens; 4 CP, 9 Citizens etc.). In that case, the first CP to join should switch team. Note that the ratio does only affect the Capital City.
8. Stalker must obey combines' orders and patrol the streets. After finishing a patrol you must report back to nexus and tell the information you got to the combines.
9. Don't give stupid punishments for example; don't execute someone for touching the Nexus' steps. Re-educate them.
10. Re-education is how people that do minor crimes like running or jumping should be punished and it's 3 (or 2 sometimes) hits with the baton so they leave concious.
11. Do not use a weapon which isn't meant for your rank.
12. You may not give orders to the same rank without a higher ups permission.
13. Don't use items that you shouldn't have.
14. You aren't allowed to start events such as ration distribution or housing allocation when a superior is on the server without their permission.
15. If you don't know someone's name IC you may not update their criminal records as if you did it would be meta gaming.
16. If possible capture rebels but if you need to you may use lethal force.
17. Combine units and OverWatch units can not leave the nexus without a weapon on their hands due the danger and fear of being kidnapped.
18. Combines and Overwatch units need to have the knowledge of most of their codes' definitions which can be found in the forum.
19. If you're going AFK for a long time flag off so other CPs can flag up.
20. Flagging down means switching to another character. Not going off-duty.
21. The OverWatch's job is to kill or capture. They don't interrogate citizens/rebels or check them for weapons.
23. OW/Es are not allowed to command CPs in any form and CPs shouldn't command OW/Es but the CMR.
24. OW/E are not allowed to go outside the nexus unless the JW/AJ is active.

C. In Character (Rebels/Vortigaunts/Medics/Black Market Dealers/Drug Dealers/Citizens):
1. Rebel and Medic clothes are like a disguise. Unless you catch the person who wears one of them and make him tell you his name, you don't know his name.
2. Rebels must not rob citizens as that citizens must not rob rebels, although citizens are allowed to rob other citizens for food in private areas, such as alleyways and indoors.
3. Do not attempt to shoot at the Combine/OverWatch randomly. It defies the Fear RP rule.
4. Free Vortigaunts are allowed to start a riot (rebel activity) only when they have another rebel/medic (with its clothes) or another free Vortigaunt.
5. At the slums, you are allowed initiate rebel activities alone, such as a riot.
6. Illegal Discussion Forum is reffered as "The Assembly".
7. One of your goals as rebel is to protect the citizens, don't you forget it! You can not attack citizens without a valid reason.
8. Do not ignore the door system. If someone bought a place you cannot forcibly take it from him. It's his property.
9. CCA or Loyalists can't "find" the rebels' secret doors. They can report them if they see a rebel opening it and see how he opens it.
10. Gambling, drugs and arranged fights are illegal by the CCA(CCA are allowed to beat you if you do).
12. When kidnapping a Civil Protection, the limitations for the amount of rations that can be taken from him is 6 as for taking posters is forbbiden. Yet, taking from a captured rebels their clothes is allowed.
13. You are not allowed to use the Combine APC.
14. Playing a mentally ill character or with any other mental illness is strictly prohibited, depression and anxieties is allowed.

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