Pentagram's OWE Application

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Pentagram's OWE Application

Post by eliran159753 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:21 am

Steam Name: Pentagram

Steam ID: Left

Character Name: Mikhail Reznov

CID: #82462

How many days do you have on the server?: 25+

Have you played any type of seriousRP before?:
Yes, I played alot of DarkRP servers and HL2RP, Played and tried to apply for the Combine to have more exprience in a server with a different rules than's rules.

What roleplaying experiences do you have?:
As I said I played alot of HL2RP servers (Mostly In LemonPunch and Raidtekk, In LemonPunch I was a city scanner and a Helix In Raidtekk I had a normal OverWatch)

Answer all questions carefully

IC: How you became Overwatch Elite (400 words minimum):
Mikhail Reznov shipped from Iraq War after leg was blown off in a covert operation with the 14th Battalion which he commanded. These black “portals” opened up far away from us and now the things from the portal are defeating all of our military. Were next...
I'm writing this in the Main British Army base of Operations in the United Kingdom. If anyone finds this journal page. Please send help, were either going to die. Or become prisoners of war.

My name is Mikhail Reznov, leader of the 14th Battalion I usually command anywhere from 550-750 Units, those men gave us some free time on the drop ship to tell stories before it all happens. (Brainwash) This is basically how it goes.. I was born in the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 17/5/1971. My mom was a CFO of a huge corporation but left her job so she could take care of me.. My dad was in the British S.A.S and the only time I've ever seen him was when I was born, but obviously I never remembered it. My father was very involved with the military, I don't remember my father much at all. But what I do remember is being with my sister, listening to my mother tell me stories about my father, a superior man. I'd say I was in a medium class family, it was at least big enough for a family of three. I always went to schooling and being able to pay for my books, clothes, lockers. At least my mother payed for that, and not me. When my sister got old enough to take care of me, my mother worked almost twenty four-seven almost all of the time. Making my sister taking care of me, cleaning, cooking, helping me with school. Only at the age of fourteen, I loved her so much that words can't express it, she was basically my mother. I still knew my mother cared for me, she just worked so hard for us to have a good life. But when my sister turned Fifteen she got diagnosed with a lung cancer. She died shortly after diagnose, there was nothing we could do. My mother got very depressed and started taking drugs. I was also depressed, I had lost all interest in anything but my father. I just wanted to leave my family going into the army. As I went into the 6th grade, I started to get picked on by a lot of upper class men. They called me fag, gay, portly, fat, porky, and roly-poly. My whole sixth grade year I was bullied and beaten. My whole sixth grade year was hell, I some how passed with low grades just enough to pass. My mother was too drugged up to know or even care.

I started becoming bulimic and vomiting after every meal I ate. It started becoming a trend, it happened until every one stopped calling me fat, after three years. I was seventy-five pounds in the ninth grade. Over the summer I finally stopped, I thought I looked great. The best shape I was ever in.. But after the summer was up, I came back to the ninth grade only being bullied again, this time. I was called Stick-bug, gay, skeleton. It didn't help at all, I felt so bad that I wanted to take my life... There was a ceiling fan in my bedroom the two floor small neighborhood house. Where you walked in to the kitchen and the stairs on the right facing the front door, after passing the kitchen you would go into the living room. There was a hall way behind the stairs on the right of the living room. It had three doors, bathroom on the left, my room on the right, and at the end was my.. *Small Crying*, *Sniff*, my sisters room.. The floor above had a small computer room, a master bathroom and bedroom. My bus pulls up to my house, I run off to the second floor learning how to tie a noose. I grab some rope out from under my bed, tie a noose. Then I hook it up to my ceiling fan, I put a stool under me, stood on the stool. Put my neck in the noose and tightened it. I started crying, then I kicked the stool. But when I kicked the stool I almost snapped my neck. The Ceiling fan fell off, I fell and it hit my head; I passed out. When I was passed out, I saw a white light. The light closed into a wisp, the wisp shined extremely bright. The scenery around me transformed into a battlefield, my father in a bunker; about 15 miles from the front lines. Having a talk with the other higher-ups. He was sitting there listening to the other Commanders, Generals, Colonels. There were discussing some battle tactics, my dad got up and walked out. He bumped the door into a person who looked an awful lot like me. He interrupted the awkwardness by saying a phrase after an artillery hit about a couple miles off. He said,“Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.” Suddenly after that, an artillery shell came forward and blew the both of us to pieces, that's when I came conscious again. I gasped for air, and started crying. I untied the noose and ran out to the living room couch, crying. After about an hour, I turned on the T.V and there was a news story on, it had a death list of the current soldiers. There was thousands of names going down fast. So fast like they didn't matter, but when I was about to turn off the T.V I saw a name. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Watson. Several words started popping in my head, stories, scripture. Most of it was thousands of stories my mother told me about my dad. It was then that the name Highlighted in my name, I remained calmed. But the words that roamed through my mind the most was. “Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.” Over and over again, it kept going in my mind. I started crying, and crying. In the mist of all the crying I devoted my self to a promise, “I shall never take my life, but instead take others. For our country. For my father. For my family. I will keep covenant this for the rest of my days.” By the time I was done crying, I ate some dinner. Went asleep. My mom came home and said, how was the first day of Ninth grade? “Good,” I said. She turned off the lights and let me sleep. From that point on in my life until I was eighteen I was normally fine but my mother did start dating a man that I didn't like, but I moved on from it and left at eighteen. Eating regularly and re-establishing my nutrients. I started training for the military, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Marching, Mile Runs. Doing anything he could do to get himself in shape. By his last grade year, he finished up schooling and enlisted into the British Military any immediately went home, packed his bags. Three months later, Mikhail then drove to the recruiter offices. Then drove to the bus location, he finally was happy that he achieved his goal of continuing his father's legacy. He finally arrived at the military base, being escorted to his barracks, after settling in he was escorted to a college like classroom that's where he learned everything, it all took about 1 – 2 weeks. After that was when we started the real basic training, where we took our physical tests. I passed, like almost everyone did. A week after that was all of our gun trainings. That took about 6 Weeks, after that was medical and tactical training. Which took about another 7 weeks. After that was the 40 mile march. We were singing tons of cadences, I was ready. I memorized them all, sung them all before we all went to sleep. My favorite one during the 40 mile march was “Everywhere we go -oh, People wanna know – oh, Who we are, Where we come from, So we tell them, We are Alpha, Mighty Mighty Alpha ,Rough - n -tough Alpha, Straight shooting Alpha, Better than Bravo, Big baby Bravo ,Better than Charlie, Chicken chicken Charlie ,Better than Delta ,Dumb-dumb Delta ,Better than Echo ,Icky icky Echo ,We are Alpha! ,Mighty mighty alpha!”

Fast forwarding a bit here, but uh.. After the 40 Mile march was the end of it all. We had a parade and graduation about 2 weeks after. No one was at my graduation, but I could tell. My dad was proud and watching. During my commission, I was on base about half of the time working as an inventory keeper. I made sure all of the Inventory was there every morning and night. I made sure all of the people in there, took weapons and stuff with permission. The other half of the time I was in battle with my Infantry, Platoons, Squads and Fire Teams. I've fought in Seven Wars, Gulf, Bosnian, Desert Fox, Josovo, Sierra Leone Civil, Afghanistan and Iraq. I was taken out of Afghanistan and shipped to Iraq. Where my leg got blown off and then after that I was shipped back to the UK. Where I was on base Till all of this shit happened. Those black void things (Portal Storms) were on T.V but were a distance from us so we had no interactions with it. Until the 7 hour war... That's when those guys raided our base and surrendered. They captured us and taking us to god knows where....---

5 years after he got the surgery and was with his Overwatch Soldier,Others commended him said he was Highly Advised and had Impressive Skills and and fit to be the Overwatch Elite, Few Units came to him and knocked him off when he was in Stasis and went to the Hospital for a Surgery in the Citadel, Took his suit off, Ripped his skin off, Having his eyes taken out and re-modifing his skin and replacing his 2 eyes with 1 Red Glowing eye..

And Giving him a New Overwatch Suit - White and Red Colored Suit with Strong Kevlar and Armor, A White round shaped one red-eyed helmet with high-tech audio recorders,

Heavy Duty Arm Pads, Which have an Elite Overwatch Insignia printed on them, and add a protective side layer to the soldier.

Heavy Body Armor with Elite Overwatch Insignia printed to it's chest. It is a lot more resistant than the Overwatch Soldiers Kevlar, It can take heavy caliber bullets and heavy explosive hits, without the soldier being damaged, It is very thick, and heavy.

Heavy Duty White Kevlar Trousers, Which have heavy kevlar pads around the sides.

Heavy Duty Black Boots, Made to protect the soldier from fire,bullets and explosions, these steel plated boots are the ones used by Elite Overwatch.

The Overwatch was sent back to Stasis and few hours later he came out of Stasis and starting his duty on being a Elite Overwatch and patrolling and commanding the Overwatch Soldiers and taking and giving orders, Mikhail Reznov isn't now a Overwatch Soldier, Mikhail Reznov is the new and improved Elite Overwatch, It was easy for him to administrate and command the Soldiers, Continuing his Transhuman Life easly.

Basic RP Concepts

Tell us the meaning of each of the following RP terms, and give 3 examples for each term:

RDM stands for Random Death Match and is when a player kills another player for no valid RP reason.
1.Tyler saw a citizen in the streets and he killed him with a pistol without a reason.
2.Tyler was a rebel and killed a citizen because he annoyed him in the local ooc chat.
3.Tyler was a combine and he killed the CMR with SMG because he pushed him with a stunstick every second.

"FearRP" is a scenario where you are to follow someone else's orders as they have you at gunpoint, but you do not.
1.I tell you to get against the wall and you are scared
2.You are too scared to take up arms against the CCA because of their power
3.You dont trespass in the nexus because you are scared of what will happen to you

It means repeatedly jumping in a zig-zag style while running.
1.Combine was getting shot by a Rebel in the streets. The Combine started to bhop and he killed the Rebel while the Combine bhopped.
2.A citizen walked in the streets and he saw a Rebel shooting at a Combine,The Rebel missed all the bullets because the Combine was bhopping to avoiding enemy attacks.
3.A Rebel saw a Combine near the metropol area,The Rebel yell "I am going to shoot you!" But the Combine Bhopped to avoid the combat.

It means your character is killed, but cannot ever be used again. The character is deleted.
1.Combine was FailRPing,FearRPing and didn't knew how to play properly as a Combine, So he got PK'd.
2.Combine was inactive for few days/weeks so he got PK'd.
3.Combine is taking rations,shooting in the training area,going to the rebel base without a permissis from higher combine rank and he did it alot and didn't stop so he got PK'd for that.

New Life Rule: Means that you start a new life (Forget everything in your previous life - Who kills you, who attacks you, etc..)
1.You die and become a new person
2.Don't remember your death
3. Don't remember your past life

MG-Metagaming is when you use OOC information IC.
1. Civil Worker has opened a new shop in town which sells food,drinks and misc! This player decides to announce in OOC that his shop is now open and located next to the plaza. While his intentions were not bad, this is meta-gaming as such information is supposed to go to /ad.

2. Bob is getting mugged by the Rebels [2 rebels] So he tells his friend in teamspeak which is also a CPs[helix and echo]. This is meta-gaming on both players part, as player A shouldn't have warned is his friend trough teamspeak, this is not part of the roleplay and player A's friend should not have utilized this information to his advantage, as it was achieved outside of roleplay.

3. Bob the Rebel got killed in the Metropol by 3 cps. So he told in the OOC Chat: "All the rebels go to the metropol, 3 CPs in there!", It's meta-gaming because he gaved IC Information in the OOC Chat.

Forcing your actions on others and or having super natural abilities that defy physics.
1.Citizen annoyed other Citizen so he did a /me. [/me punches the citizen till he dies]. “/me punches the man till he dies” is not correct role-play and it's forcing your actions on someone.
2.Steven punches Carl in the head so hard, Carl falls unconscious. [Giving your character abilities they are not capable of]
3.citizen goes up to a guy and kill him by stabbing him in the back,without giving any chance to react or resist.

DM-Death Match is a fight in common consent between two players or more..
1. Rebels raided the Nexus and they can kill all the Civil Protections they see because the Civil Protections are protecting the Inside of the Nexus.
2. Civil Protections raided the Rebel base and the Rebels are trying to protect the stuff in there.
3. Rebels are Raiding the Plaza, They are killing all the Civil Protections because they are Protecting the Place.

Combine Codes

Answer the following questions about Combine radio codes

"647e" Means: Anti-Citizen
"Unit is 10-8" Means: On Duty
"10-50" Means: Patrol
"10-20?" Means: Location
"10-79" Means: Send Overwatch.
"10-1" Means: Not understood.
"11-3" Means: Stop transmitting.
"11-99" Means: Officer requires immediate assistance!
"10-78" Means: Dispatch for Officer in trouble.
"10-2000" Means: Reinforcements Required Immediately.
"10-54" Means: Retreat.
"11-70" Means: Riot.
"11-17" Means: Fight.
"10-94" Means: Multiple Citizens Engaged in Physical Activities.
"10-23" Means: Stand by at (Location).
"10-51" Means: Clamping at 10-20

What is the Radio code for the location of nexus ?: 10-21
What is the Radio code for unit taking fire ?: 11-99
What is the Radio code for "understood" ?: 10-2
What is the Radio code for "Copy That" ?: 10-4
What is the Radio code for "Citizen" ?: 10-91D
What is the Radio code for "Contraband" ?: 11-22
What is the Radio code for "Assault" ?: 11-48
What is the Radio code for "Shooting" ?: 11-49
What is the Radio code for "Exogen Breach" ?: 11-33
What is the Radio code for "Necrotics Breach" ?: 11-34

"Code 51B" Means: Bomb Threat.
"Bouncer" Means: Grenade
"Code 31S" Means: Shooting.
"Code 29" Means: Death.

Combine Actions

In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 3 correct /me commands that could be used when in combat with rebels.

1:/me would reload his gun, and aim it at the rebels.
2:/me would throw a grenade into the room, killing anyone inside.
3:/me would grab the man's head slamming it into the concrete cracking his skull.

In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 6 correct /me commands that could be used when leading a Squad into combat situation (3 OW and 1 OWSS).

1: /me tells to the Overwatch Units to Attach
2: /me aims the current location
3: /me prepares weapons
4: /me tells to the Overwatches to Patrol in [Location]
5: /me goes to [Location] with the Soldiers and Expunging 647ES, Exogens, Necrotics, Paraistics,Free Biotics.
6: /me prepares chargers and places them in the door and begins exploding.

Can you Detain a rebel?: No

Can you take the rebels items?: No

Can you go Rogue as COTA?: No, They're Brainwashed

Can you patrol on plaza?: Yes[Because of B.37]

Can you Roleplay as normal Human as COTA?: No

Can you talk like normal Human as COTA?: No

Can you take civil protection work as COTA?: No

What is the correct action to a citizen seen running in the Plaza?: I would advise one of the units patrolling to stop them and re-educate them.

What is the correct action to a citizen have a weapon?: Reporting to the Radio and can maybe be Death by Overwatches if shooting at Civil Protections.

What is the correct action to a Vortigaunt being seen in the Plaza without chains?: Radio the Vortigaunt and Death.

What is the correct action to a citizen seen walking in the catwalk?: Death.

What is the correct situation to ignore CMA's orders?: listen to the CMR over the CMA when he gives different orders.

What is the correct situation to act like an Overwatch?: during a JW/AJ , Or, if the CMA/CMR requests one


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Re: Pentagram's OWE Application

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+support this dude put lots of effort into this. I think he should get over watch, he deserves it.

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Re: Pentagram's OWE Application

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Put alot of work into the backstory.


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Re: Pentagram's OWE Application

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