This post is not for the weak minded.

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This post is not for the weak minded.

Post by Cake__ on Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:29 pm

I'm self hating, and hate everyone else.

The universe is a unified consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, looking for its reason for absence.

We are solving ourselves.

Each universe within the multiverse is like an octave of reality. As we understand there are 7 colours and 7 notes in a scale. There are also 7 levels of consciouness. Each octave of thought is a different dimension/parrallel universe.

We can only see into this reality just like we can only see one octave of light. Higher vibrations are out of view, and so are lower vibrations. The same goes for sound, only because particles are at much lower energy vibrations anyway, we can hear more octaves.

Everything is looking to progress from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. At higher vibrations everything is less seperate. E.g. The frequency of T.V's is roughly 50hz, and so for us it seems smouth and one flowing picture. At lower frequencies we can see each individual frame.

The idea is to become more unified. Emotionally, Love and Hate are the spectum of thought. Hate is seperation - lower frequencies of thought, love is unifaction - higher frequencies of thought. When we hate everything, then we suffer, because as we have hated everything, so everything has hated us. When we love everything, we find bliss, because as we have loved everything, so everything loves us. Very simple, yet so far, our species (humanity) has yet to see this obviousness.

We have had glimpses into the truth of higher, more perfect, realities (known as heaven - which is only a word, the reality is so much more), but due to our misinterpretation of the truth due to our lack of understanding to begin with we have generated a game of chinese whispers through religions until our realization that we were being controlled through half truths and misconceptions.

Understand that these chinese whispers have passed through the minds of hateful people that wish to control and suppress true knowledge from us. E.g. 200 years ago, we were being enslaved by christianity. Now, we broke free from childish interpretations of reality into something much worse. As we developed so did the system.

We are now controlled by governments. Much more organised, much more controlling. Setting aside commandments for laws.

There is only universal law, everything else is just a guideline. That being said, killing someone isn't against the universal law, but it is a hateful act and so the universe balances itself by mechanisms described in Buddhism as Karma. It is important to act as loving and compassionate as possible so as to enjoy everything and ascend in consciousness.

Heaven is simply a higher vibration of reality, Hell doesn't exist. Or, we already exist in the lowest vibration of thought there can be. So this is technically Hell.

God is Love, because love is unified and God is complete as one. Perfect like a sphere.

Aside from all of the above. Most of us forget that we are just beings in a universe, and become so obsessed with our own petty lives we forget the bigger picture.

The universe is like the breath of God. Moving from 0 - 1 - 0... The universe shall expand and contract from nothing to nothing. We shall live these lives over and over again.

Though, in higher realities, because our frequency is much higher, so time appears slower. Our thoughts are very much more instintaneous because we exist as energy, so our thoughts are as fast as light. Yet, our thoughts now are controlled on a chemical level, and have to travel through nerves at less than 1/100 the speed of light (possibly even less).

We see things in a linear fashion. We see a begining - the 'Big Bang' and so for us, there is an end - the 'Big Crunch'. But time is just an illusion. When we develop higher understandings of reality, so shall we understand time in a different way. And so we shall forget the past, forget the future, and live completely in the present. The only thing that exists is the here and now, and so, when we live completely in the here and now, so time has no relevance, and so we find eternity in bliss, through love.
Science believes the universe to be a probability event. But a probability of what proportion? 1/infinity I imagine. So then, science is obviously underestimating how big infinity really is... this is based on the uncertainty principle. That is due to the fact that an electron cannot be deteced without disturbance. Basically, inorder to detect it, you need to throw something at it so it will then throw something back so you can see it (give it some energy so that it will become 'excited; so that it will seek to assume its normal state and give off the energy. So as soon as you detect it, you have then given it some energy and so whatever data that has been recorded is instantly irrelevant because it will be behaving under new circumstances to which it was first detected. Doesn't mean to say an electron is a probablity, it just means to say that science is a probablity. Stupid objectivists!

I think, Therefore I am ok.

Comment if you understood this...


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Re: This post is not for the weak minded.

Post by Lime Cat on Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:55 am

I don't get it. Where did you get this????? Amazing...

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Re: This post is not for the weak minded.

Post by Shay Bayden on Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:56 pm

I understand 100%, although, it is so hard to find love in everything. The world is corrupt, and the sphere is becoming malformed and fragile. Bliss, I feel, Bliss is just my mind toying with me, bliss and love are just evil instruments to torture me. The world is hell, and Death..hmhp, Death is merely a one way ticket out of hell, and life is a pivotting point.
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Re: This post is not for the weak minded.

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