Minge Report For some reason

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Minge Report For some reason

Post by CuteQuake on Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:13 pm

There's this girl, running around and mugging people, for no apparent reason. She even asspulled on a CP, and just start to S2K... Me and the CP put her down, but yea...

I got pics

steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/ filedetails/?id=566004277

steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/ filedetails/?id=566004445

steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/ filedetails/?id=566029188

steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/ filedetails/?id=566029278


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Re: Minge Report For some reason

Post by Broken on Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:47 pm

She's been spanning a shit ton of props too. She will delete them then remove them in the middle of the street. She also went outside with her rebel gear on and started randomly started to shoot CPs. I knocked her out to prevent her from drawing attention, I even did a /me and she left when she got knocked out. When she re-joined I knocked her out again and she said I did it for no reason. No admins cared even though 3 were on. I'm hoping this time she will be punished for her constant minging.


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