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Disidius is HERE! Empty Disidius is HERE!

Post by HarryBoy on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:27 am

Disidius is a new rebel group starting out in City 8. We currently own a small porportion of land in the sewers. We are trying to regroup a resistance so we can rebel against the CCA. When you join, we will give you a gun to protect yourself. We might have radios, but it just depends on our supplys. Rebel uniforms are currently not available, but when they are, I'll sell them at low prices. When we get stronger and bigger, the CCA will come down in ruins. We are alone. If we have to, we will help other resistance groups. We will have different groups when we get bigger also. We hope to restore humanity and to take the power away from the CCA. To do this, we need all the hands that we can get.


Alpha Squad
[Commander- Harrison 'Boomer' Black]
[Scout- Makayla 'Scout' Carter]
[Soldier- Bill Candowy]
[Medic- James Thorns]

Bravo Squad
[Commander- Mathison 'Rey' McCullough]
[Scientist/Hacker- Tige Higgins]
[Spy/Scout- Daniel Borsuk]
[Medic- Joshua Walker]

Application to apply:

What can you bring to Disidius?

Why do you want to join Disidius?

Can you follow orders as directed by the commanders?

Are you very Reliable?

Can you bring useful supplies to Disidius?

Can you capture a CP without getting caught?

// I will ask that IN-GAME
// In order to apply come to our base in the sewers: D-6

Mottos: Restoring the world one peice at a time.


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