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The Church of C Empty The Church of C

Post by legork42 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:00 pm

Hey guys,just incase you have not heard,my character named Father Night is the owner of a religion,the church of C,we believe that the U.U. is god and we worship his 'Angles' the CP and Overwatch(Basically a cult of loyalists)anyway if you want to join I should be posting a IC invitation in the legal chat,if you want to become a father here is the application


Why do you want to be a father/mother

What is your backstory?

What is the meaning of the term MG?give three examples

What is the meaning of the term RDM and DM,give 1 example for both

What is the difference between /BC and /AD

Here are the things you must have to become a father/mother
1.A description
2.The word mother/father in your name
3.A proper RP name
4.Must not be a inexperienced role player
Post an application in the general discussion thanks!


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