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Post by Gamling on Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:38 pm

Steam Name: Gamling Dragonblade
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:76054721
Character Name: James Wells
How many days have you played on the server? 13 days (EDIT: Now it has been 46 days)
Have you played any type of seriousRP before? If yes explain what you've done there: I have played a lot of SeriousRP before, in fact, I played most of my seriousRP in EchelonedWoW, the most popular World of Warcraft private server of its time before Blizzard shut it down. On that server, I was a very powerful Lich who conquered many lands for the Lich King, and being infamous for PKing players and destroying entire organizations of players. Sadly, I eventually got too cocky and assaulted a citadel of holy men, and was stricken down, with my phylactery destroyed; I could not revive. I had other characters, such as a Amani Tribe Leader, A Demonologist, and a Ghoul. Yes I RPed a ghoul, and became a very powerful ghoul because of my powerful Death Knight master. Now if this doesn’t matter then no, I have played little of the GMod SeriousRP. But I played on that server for about 2 years, up until its shutdown. I may be a little rusty since its shutdown but I remember all of its rules and such.
What roleplaying experiences do you have?: I have heavy RP experience, and I am excellent to playing whatever role I am- such as a ghoul or a Lich in a WoW sense. I have played a policing role, as a Guard of a city, I have played as a mindless soldier to an army of undead, I have played as a overlording Lich, controlling large groups of players and NPCs. (EDIT: I have played over a month's worth of GMod SeriousRP, and it is almost exactly like the RP at EchelonedWoW, I now have experience in GMod SeriousRP and understand the mechanics within. I have been a Union-5 for over 43 days and 100% understand the roleplay of the Civil Protection SQD units.
IC: How you became OverWatch: James Wells was a rebel/rebel supporter who was detained for rebel conspiracy. OW needed more units, and because of this, took James into their custody. While in their custody, they made him into a trans-human, brainwashed him, then locked him in a standard issued Combine Soldier armor. James then was no longer himself, forever to serve the Combine till his death.
Basic RP Concepts
Tell us the meaning of each of the following RP terms, and give 3 examples for each term:
RDM- Random Deathmatch, killing someone without an IC reason.
1. David was a citizen who shot a man for no reason.
2. Gregor was a CP Unit who used his SMG to shoot down a group of civilians because OOC they were annoying him.
3. Erik was a rebel who killed every civilian in the 45th apartments with an AR2 because OOC he was dared to.
FearRP- Fear Roleplay, which is a situation where you are held at gunpoint/stunstick-point and you have no weapon to defend yourself.
1. Aster was shoved up against the wall by the CP Unit, and he became scared for his life, paralyzed in his terror.
2. Frederick was held hostage, without a weapon, by a rebel who held a shotgun; he cannot move because of his fear of death.
3. Bryan was afraid to trespass in the nexus, fearing what might happen to him.
PK- Perma-Kill (as I call it) your character is now dead permanently and must be deleted.
1.Combine was FailRPing,FearRPing and didn't knew how to play properly as a Combine, So he got PK'd.
2.Combine was inactive for few days/weeks so he got PK'd.
3.Combine is taking rations,shooting in the training area,going to the rebel base without a permissis from higher combine rank and he did it a lot and didn't stop so he got PK'd for that.
NLR- New Life Rule, you have no recollection of anything of your previous life.
1. You forget who killed you.
2. You forget everything ICly you have gone through.
3. You die and become a new person.
MG- Metagaming, using outside knowledge ICly.
1. Bryan hears about information what the rebels are up to OOCly and tells the Civil Protection ICly.
2. A CP Unit overhears an OOC conversation of a crime they are committing, and rushes over to their location and detains both of them ICly.
3. A rebel overhears OOCly that a group of rebels are being attacked in the city by the CP, then rushes over ICly to help.
DM-Death Match is a fight in common consent between two players or more..
1. Rebels raided the Nexus and they can kill all the Civil Protections they see because the Civil Protections are protecting the Inside of the Nexus.
2. Civil Protections raided the Rebel base and the Rebels are trying to protect the stuff in there.
3. Rebels are Raiding the Plaza, They are killing all the Civil Protections because they are Protecting the Place.
Combine Codes
Answer the following questions about Combine radio codes
"647e" Means: Rebel or Anti-Citizen
"Unit is 10-8" Means: On Duty
"10-50" Means: Patrolling/Patrol
"10-20?" Means: Location
"10-79" Means: Send Overwatch
"10-1" Means: Not Understood
"11-3" Means: Stalker.
"11-99" Means: Needs Immediate Assistance
"10-78" Means: Send Assistance (Medical, or Other Unit for assistance)
"10-2000" Means: Reinforcements Required Immediately
"10-54" Means: Retreat
What is the Radio code for the location of nexus?: 10-21
What is the Radio code for unit taking fire?: 10-78
What is the Radio code for "understood ?: 10-2
What is the Radio code for "Copy That" ?: 10-4
What is the Radio code for "Citizen" ?: 10-91D
What is the Radio code for "Contraband" ?: 11-22
What is the Radio code for "Assault" ?: :”Number” 11-48
What is the Radio code for "Shooting" ?: 10-49
What is the Radio code for "Exogen Breach" ?: 11-33
What is the Radio code for "Necrotics Breach" ?: 11-34
Combine Actions
In Character you must follow rules and role-play properly. Give 3 correct /me commands that could be used when in combat with rebels.
1:/me would reload his gun, and aim it at the anti-citizens.
2:/me would throw a grenade into the room, killing anyone inside.
3:/me would violently grab the anti-citizen head, then slams it into the brick wall damaging his skull.
Can you go Rogue as COTA?: no
Can you Roleplay as normal Human as COTA?: No
Can you talk like normal Human as COTA?: No.
Can you take civil protection work as COTA?: No
What is the correct action to a citizen seen running in the Plaza?: Tell a CP unit to give them Re-education
What is the correct action to a citizen have a weapon?: Report to CP and if they are shooting, allowed to kill.
What is the correct action to a Vortigaunt being seen in the Plaza without chains?: Report and kill.
What is the correct situation to ignore CMD's orders?: When the SeC commands you to do otherwise.
What is the correct situation to act like an Overwatch?: during JW/AJ or if the CMA/CMR requests one.

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