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Post by Khyber on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:01 pm

This group or should I say alliance is an underground attack, defense, and supplier group. Our name may lead you to believe that we work for the UU, but I assure you we do not work for those monsters, we simply do whatever we can to lead attack on the UU in C18, defend our rebel allies, and supply them by any means, for  price of course. We try to rebuild humanity one step at  time, and the first step is to be a strong military.
We are a friendly group, we will only attack other rebel groups if they declare war on us. We try to be as organized and strong as possible, but supplying our troops will not be free.
Members of the alliance: General Kaligzi, STAM Heinrich, STAM/R+D Da'Botac, R+D Ma'Botac, STAM Arytom, STAM Murdoch, STBM Brett, STAM Gavin, STBM John, STBM Ivan
A=Alpha B=Beta C=Charlie etc.

Strike Commander: Catherine "Lightning" Kaligzi
Strike Captain: Nearo "Nightshade" Aeranae
Strike team Alpha:
Leader:  Strike Commander Lightning
Members: Da'Botac, Arytom Barkov, Murdock Littleton, Gavin Ross

Strike team:
Leader: Strike Captain Nearo "Nightshade"  Aerenae
Members: Brett Sutton, Ivan Hawk, John Miller

Medical and R+D:
Leader: Da'Botac
Members: Ma'Botac

We are recruiting members, just look for the underground bar where General Kaligzi is usually found in D-6. To be recruited successfully, I will need you to bring in supplies useful to the group or send me a paper applying for the alliance and what you are good at.
More Strike Teams will be created and filled as our alliance expands.
General Kaligzi is the BMD, hitwomen, and does other such jobs for this alliance.

Our motto: Semper Fidelus! Wir sind Soldaten ! Wir sind Union!

R.I.P:Heinrich Kohl

Application for the alliance.
What you're desired job in alliance is:
How you can help:
Why you deserve to be accepted:
Tell me about yourself:
// I will update this as members are added and info needs to be added
// Any members can moment below of anything to add, change, remove, request to be changed to a strike team or division, and etc.
// Apply below with the application above

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