Avoiding RP combat

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Avoiding RP combat Empty Avoiding RP combat

Post by Havoc on Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:53 am

In the past, i have seen people running or walking away from CPs in an attempt to avoid RP combat. I believe that if a CP has yelled stop, and the person continues to ignore them, that the CP should be able to just beanbag them on the spot with no /me.
Also, you shouldn't be able to run as far as you want in one /me. I mean come on, how is that logical? In that case, i think a CP should still be able to beanbag them, since it could be seen as avoiding RP.


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Avoiding RP combat Empty Re: Avoiding RP combat

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:01 pm

Well, if someone walks or runs away from combat RP, the person that is attempt to fight them have all rights to do their actions, such as bean-bagging or murdering the "person that is running/walking away."
Also, if someone decides to /me runs away or /me walks away, I would say there would be a /roll between the escaper and anyone (can be range from 1 to any number,) that attempts to stop them.
If they escaped with an /me, just give them like 3 seconds to get a head-start, then run after them, (this includes "go ahead and shoot them.")

I don't see how you got that idea though.

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